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Cloud Based Application Development


Technology Expertise Enhances operational efficiency & transforms businesses.

Our Cloud Application Development Services

Looking for cloud based applications to meet your business needs and overcome business challenges? Not a problem! We at SBR Technologies Pvt. Ltd., have the knowledge and expertise in cloud application development via Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services platforms so that you can reap the maximum benefits out of cloud computing and focus on industry opportunities for providing services through SaaS models.

Our cloud consultants have done extensive research and work in developing new cloud based applications as well as migrating legacy applications using JEE, .NET and LAMP technologies.

With our cloud application development services, we help you build, wrap, incorporate and deploy any type of application to a single-tenant or multi-tenant cloud computing data centre.

How Can Business Owners Connect with their Customers?

Well, CEOs or business owners can connect with customers in ingenious ways and plan their operations for agility and flexibility. By leveraging the power of our cloud solutions, especially SaaS (i.e. software-as-a-service), businesses can deliver their services in efficient and cost-effective ways.

Our cloud service offerings include cloud consulting services, application development, implementation, and cloud migration services.

Our cloud based application development services help customers save the time required to experiment and test solutions with more availability. Significantly augment your capacity as well as attain high-performance computing. At SBR, you also benefit by lessening IT delivery expenditures by migrating application infrastructure to cloud in a time-bound manner.

We offer cloud software development as a service, and design and develop applications on the cloud and for the cloud.

Our Cloud Platform Expertise:

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Amazon Web Services

Why Our Cloud Application Development Services?

  • Move Up Considerably: Do you wish to see your applications take off flawlessly from a small number to millions of users? Promotions, seasonality, franchise users and other similar influences can result in a spike in events. And, you are only required to pay only when they arise. We develop cloud applications you require on Azure or Amazon platform, thus assuring any volume of traffic to get the best performance.
  • Powerful, Effective Applications:Our robust and efficient cloud applications have the ability to support several clients and simultaneously maintain outstanding service levels. It helps businesses in effective use of resources and ease of maintenance.
  • High Performance and Scalability: We develop cloud based applications having the ability to scale flawlessly, quickly and automatically to meet dynamic user requirements.
  • Efficient Resource Utilization: Our cloud application development services are specifically designed to make effective resource utilization. Applications are developed to reap the maximum benefits out of virtualized IT environments, making it more effective and driving more business value.
  • Outstanding User Experience: All our cloud based applications are designed and developed in a way so that clients can register/subscribe, alter and access these applications online to considerably lessen operational costs and offer an outstanding user experience.
  • Focus on Application Development: Let SBR Technologies assist you to bring your cloud application development goal to life. At SBR, we would assume a consultative role and assist you as and when you need it from application development to testing and technical support.
  • Security: With us, you get the true application design and controls to protect your sensitive business data, monitor access and deal with regulatory compliance.

Contact us or visit our website if you want our cloud consulting team develop custom cloud applications or solutions to help your business improve processes and enhance efficiency.

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