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Yearly Archives: 2015

Digital Marketing Trends to Rule in 2016

Posted on

2016 is knocking at the door, which means dynamic clothing, champagne cheer ups, and a never ending list of unfulfilled…

Ideas for Digital Marketing Campaign during Christmas

Posted on

Online Tips for Marketing On holidays and on special occasions like Mother’s Day, Easter, New Year, Christmas and so on,…

Its Thanksgiving Day – Time to Be Really Thankful

Posted on

Since 1863 Thanksgiving Day is a federal holiday in the United States. Earliest Thanksgiving Day celebration recorded in history was…

If Big Data Analytics Is Your Mainstay, Why Should You Care About Spark?

Posted on

Introducing Apache Spark The framework of Apache Spark essentially performs analytics of general data on distributed cluster for computing, Hadoop…

Google Simplifies Local Search Results

Posted on

Google local business search pack seven is down to three now. Recent searches show the new streamlined results with the…

Is There An Entrepreneur Present In You?

Posted on

Is entrepreneurship for everyone? Probably not! While some are born talented others feel they have it in them, but several…

Social Media Bombardment

Posted on

The Catastrophe Whatever be the reason, personal or professional, the fact is that people do spend a lot of time…

GOOD THINGS SHOULD BE MARKETED Not Always For The Sake Of Financial Gain

Posted on

Think what would had happened if the world was unheard of Bob Marley songs. Imagine if we were unaware of…

FIT GLYP – Virtual Drink Boosting Your Business

Posted on

Enough of technology, it’s time to take a break with FIT GLYP. As a business owner when you are tired…

59,515 Views – God Of Social Media

Posted on

  Are you ready with your marketing plan to score up in this financial year? As you know that many…

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