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Corporate Gray



Corporate Gray is a job search portal specifically for military personnel who may be looking for federal jobs. At the time of announcing federal jobs in different categories, job descriptions are required. Corporate Gray’s transition guide page on federal employment is a resource that is handy for anyone looking to make that all-important transition. Several resources that are available on the site can be used for a federal job search thereby making the process less challenging and success rates improving.

Features of the website are

  • Blog
  • Newsletter
  • Social Media integration with linkedin, facebook, twitter

Technological Information

This site has been developed in Ruby on Rails

Business Need

  • Online resume search for Employers.
  • Find matching job for job seekers.
  • Virtual job fairs.


  • Separate layout for mobile and web.
  • Resume search functionality using “Elasticsearch” and “Elasticsearch-rails”, all fields including content of resume file ate stored in a seperate server is called Elasticsearch, And this server always synchronized with portal database.
  • Batch indexing of data to Elasticserch server.
  • Advanced search of resume using various search criteria.


This portal has been developed (Mobile version) using Ruby on Rails.

  • There are Two types of user Job seeker and Employer
  • Job seekers can find jobs after register in to this portal.
  • Employer can search resume after registering and getting subscription.
  • Job seeker can register themselves for Job Fairs.
  • Resume search functionality.
  • Elasticsearch integration.



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