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Process Framework


We Use Defined Process Frameworks to Help You Attain Your Business Goals

Process Framework

At SBR Technologies Inc. Ltd., we take project delivery very seriously and our project delivery framework is built on the best practices of ISO and SEI CMM standards. A thing which can’t be measured is impossible to control and therefore, we use defined procedures in a restricted environment for several aspects related to project delivery such as:

We consistently monitor, track, assess and incorporate the latest developments that are happening in creative research paradigm and software engineering. As a result, we are able to develop applications of the best quality for our global clients by choosing the perfect software model from amongst Linear Sequential Model: Prototyping; Waterfall (classic life cycle); RAD (Rapid Application Development); Evolutionary Models: Spiral, Incremental, Component based, Object Oriented, and Rational Unified Process.

When it comes to our quality management system, it permits collection of project matrix info at all stages of any project. These include schedule variance (%), effort variance (%), productivity, defect density, % completion, efforts till-date (PD), issues, risks, project schedule, jobs completed during the reporting phase, and so on.

The above metrics are defined for monitoring, tracking, measuring and reporting on all aspects related to the quality of software.

How These Metrics are Beneficial?

The benefits of these metrics include:

Accordingly, to improve performance, we conduct quality assurance activities like root cause analysis, independent inspections and reviews, quality assurance for software as well as internal quality checks. These activities are conducted at prearranged intervals throughout the life cycle of a project.

As a result of our quality management and assurance, we have been able to meet stringent organisational quality parameters consistently.

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