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Big data analytics & Business intelligence


Advanced data analytics to provide deeper, investigative perspective of data while BI mitigates business risks

Big data analytics

Be it local data, or cloud data or both, you are soon overburdened with loads of information. Whether it is intranet collaboration systems, social networking sites or other information sources, it’s the huge data overflow that poses the greatest challenges to your business. So, it is the volume, speed, complexity and diversity of information that appears to be a big stumbling block for organisations.

Don’t Get Drowned!

No, don’t get drowned or buried under data; instead make the most out of big data and make it your corporate asset! We at SBR Technologies have the knowledge, expertise and tools to change your business challenges into your business insights. Reap the maximum benefits out of our big data services, helping you to exploit information and thrive.

With us, get big data solutions to manage your complex business data and analytics, leading to
measurable results.

Our Big Data Service Offerings

SBR’s big data consulting services team have for you an all-encompassing range of service offerings including:

  • Big data consulting entailing big data roadmap & strategy
  • Big data development and big data implementation
  • Evaluation of technology and piloting
  • Testing, automation and provisioning
  • Big data security
  • Support and managed services
Business intelligence

Big Data Services

Why Our Big Data Services?

  • With our services, you move from raw data to new and meaningful business insights.
  • Ability to store all information – organized, unorganized to streaming from inside and outside your business
  • Get deeper insights by using familiar tools such as Office 365 or Excel, and make better and informed decisions faster
  • SBR helps organisations conceptualise and bring about a well considered big data implementation plan across several focus areas and domains. It enables businesses to achieve enhanced operational efficiency and revenue maximization.
  • Get actionable insights from our big data solutions
  • Through our services, get new customer information resulting in new sources of revenue and profitability
  • Expertise in managing an array of technology platforms across several areas of focus, ranging from store, capture and process to evaluate. Pentaho,
    Hadoop and Flume are some of the technology platforms we are adept at handling.

Analytics & Business Intelligence

Modern day businesses should have the ability to obtain and gather information from various sources. They should also understand the value of every transaction, tweet, purchase, and customer interaction. SBR Technologies Inc. Ltd. can help you unbolt this business value from loads of data through its business intelligence and analytics services.

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