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8 Free Android Apps All Bloggers Should Use

In today’s contemporary app market, there are numerous android apps that share rich experience for you when blogging is concerned. But are they free? This piece of work compiles the best android apps that benefit every blogger and the good News – all FREE!!! Take a look and get started today!

Blogging has been an all-time favorite interactive approach of creative people to share and express one’s creativity on the known content through various web sources. Thanks to the new age operating systems such as Android and its accessibility on the contemporary smart devices – phones and tablets, along with the evolving handy applications in Google Play, for making world more user-friendly. The technological step forward in digital ecosystem of the mobile apps have led the bloggers not only publish blog at one go but also run some other blog-specific tasks for its beautification, sitting far from their laptops/PCs.

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Are you a regular blogger and need to update your blogs at frequent basis? Do you find it difficult to ornate your blogs with various creative accessories such as images, little pieces of videos, voice recordings etc due to paucity of time or money? No further! Here are some Android apps to assist every creative blogger and the best part these come for free.

1. WordPress


Whether you wish to make your blog most searched by the search engines or to carve it for getting most shares, WordPress makes it possible by every little endeavor such as extending plugins. Blogging is made easier with this app. It lets you organize the content with other essential jobs like designing, editing and publishing posts, tweaking comments section, publishing images clicked from your smartphone and even cross analyzing visits and views on analytics.

2. Blogger

The publishing platform with the most personalized touch – BLOGGER, shares almost similar features of WordPress. It is pretty surprising that despite Google’s support to their blogging service, the app blogger comes with certain restrictions when its operation is concerned. You can make a try to do something new here.

3. Writer

Indeed true that publishing blogs via smartphones is no child’s play, specifically when numerous distractive elements appear on your screen. Continuous notifications are the most common mood killing elements. “Writer” the app truly worth its name thereby taking care of a blogger’s creative needs. It is a narrow down approach alike word processor that offers uninterrupted writing environment for your phone or smart gadget so as to help you concentrate fully on the content conceptualization and implementation.

4. Google Drive

Google Drive tends to be an online store that assists bloggers to stock numerous commercial documents made up with word format, Microsoft excel sheets, pictures, audio-video links and other data orientation measures in the cloud. The app doesn’t only allow you to hoard documents but also align them across devices that are networked with your Google account. Just as you square up, you can access your list of files. To save upon your time, with the help of this app, you can continue writing or posting the blog post even if it is kept half cooked on your laptop.

5. Tumblr App

Microblogging – the latest addition to the content creation segment is popular amongst bloggers en-vogue. Tumblr blog happens to be the best platform that serves with publishing a microblog. This owes courtesy to post eye-catchy content such as quotes from notable person, animated videos and images. Features like pre-scheduling your posts, controlling more than three Tumblr blogs together, following your contacts highlight this app.

6. Photo Editor

Are you a photo freak person and love to capture nature with your little smart device? Yes, bloggers are often found to infuse freshly clicked image say – on their way to an unexplored destination, in their blogs. Sometimes these images need bit more clarity or light infusion. These minor visual editings are now possible with the app – Photo Editor. You can try some visual effects such as cropping, resizing, adding texts to the image, making collages etc. It even allows for getting the picture a 3D look.

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7. Evernote


Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UnpUIVO8Lmo
It is not always that you start writing and finish it at one go. Sometimes, may be due to writer’s block you can get stuck while writing, thereby waiting for some notes to be inserted later on. Evernote allows you this option of note taking and inserting lately to the posts. The app along with gadget synchronizing, compatibility feature allows for a premium paid version. Another improvised version is however named as Google Keep.

8. Tape-a-Talk Voice Recorder

How about recording an interview with a noteworthy professional from your industry, or make notes for self-reminders using an app? Tape-a-Talk eases your work by recording and uploading it to other services, as soon as you complete the recording.

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