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App Store Optimization


Make your mobile app visible, enhance app store search ranking & organic downloads

App Store Optimization

Our App Store Optimization Services

You have got some great looking apps but without optimization, it’s extremely difficult for users to find your app on the stores. It’s just like finding a needle in a haystack! We at SBR Technologies Pvt. Ltd. will enhance your app’s presence by optimizing its name, keywords, descriptions, and screenshots to make your mobile app discoverable, and encourage users to download and enjoy.
Our experienced app store optimization consultants will optimize your apps for maximum exposure, visibility and ranking. And, we ensure that your apps will be found on any platform – be it Android or iOS.

Our Main Goals for App Store Ranking

  • Content optimization (On-page)
  • Reviews and ratings (Off-page)
  • Better rankings
  • Enhance organic downloads

Key ASO Factors We Consider


This is a decisive factor when it comes to the success of app store optimization. Our team will work towards choosing the most relevant keywords and writing apt descriptions for your app to improve visibility and search ranking.
The key factors that we take into consideration for on-page optimization include app title, app keywords, app description, app category, app icon, and app screenshots.

Right KeywordsWe choose keywords very carefully as only 100 characters are allowed. This implies picking out the best and most relevant keywords which requires proper understanding of your market, closest competitors and popular search terms or phrases pertaining to the app. We use real data from the app store to choose the right keywords and help you in the optimization process.

Title We write perfect app titles to help users understand what your mobile app is all about. This is the significant aspect of app store optimization services and managing it the right way will help in increasing app downloads. When writing app titles, we ensure:


Description We create app descriptions that clearly and perfectly describe everything that your app does. Short-selling is bad and hard selling makes users unhappy, which may result in bad reviews. We ensure that the description explains your app features, benefits and sets the right expectations for customers.

Publisher Name It’s possible that users may search using the app publisher name. We will help you include the publisher name and keywords that are related to the kinds of app you are developing.

App Icon You have only a few seconds to grab a user’s attention as they browse through the list of apps. We will help you create the perfect app icon that expresses what your app is about or what it does clearly and creatively.

App Category We will choose the right category – primary and secondary – so that your app gains visibility in front of qualified users/customers only.

App Videos Attract users by uploading a video, showing your app in action. At SBR, we ensure that the video is used as an effective sales pitch and highlights the best features of your app.

Screenshots Our app store optimization team will put together the right screenshots to highlight the best features of your app. We ensure that the screenshots are eye-catching and appeals to your targeted audience. We can also add some quick text to explain what’s displayed, if required.


Reviews & RatingsGenuine and positive reviews or ratings go a long way in bolstering conversions. We ensure that you get more favourable reviews and ratings to improve conversions. You can consider these app reviews/ratings as constructive feedback to further improve your app.

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