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Market Research & Competitor Analysis


Market Research and Competitor Analysis to Drive Right Decisions & Actionable Intelligence

Market Research & Competitor Analysis

Though there are several factors that contribute to a digital marketing and SEO campaign, being knowledgeable as to what strategies your competitors are embracing to promote their product or service offerings is critical to the success of your campaign. At SBR Technologies Pvt. Ltd., we use advanced research tools to analyze your competitors to understand what level of digital and online marketing plans they are implementing to reinforce their brand presence.

Our Approach to Market Research

  • Detailed analysis of competitor websites, keywords and landing pages that are driving quality traffic
  • Evaluating search rankings of your competitors for highly targeted search terms/keywords
  • Analysis of your competitor’s home pages, conversion pages, and landing pages
  • Finding out which of your competitors are implementing PPC to give the required boost to their marketing campaign and why
  • Identifying what digital and SEO strategies work and what not

We offer a full range of digital marketing services and provide our clients with market research data on:

  • What kind of contents appeal to the audience
  • How digital marketing and SEO can yield maximum ROI
  • How important unified branding is
  • What is the importance of an informative blog for your target market

It’s our approach that makes us tick and our commitment is consistently testing our strategies to give you optimum results. That’s how we add value to our clients’ business.

Need assistance? Contact us to help you gain a competitive edge by performing an extensive market research and competitor analysis.

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