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Pay-per-Click Advertising Services


Get Maximum Return on Investment on Adverts Spend through PPC Services

Our Pay-per-Click Advertising (PPC) Services

Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) is the fastest and most convenient way to help your website leap to the top of Google’s search results. It is also the most controllable manner in which you can improve your site’s visibility in the SERPs when prospective customers are looking for your type of products/services. Since it is pay-per-click, it’s easy for you to control the budget as well as the ROI for your paid marketing campaign.

At SBR Technologies Pvt. Ltd., our PPC consultants have been managing adverts efficiently. Over the years, we have implemented unique methodologies for managing PPC campaigns both for small businesses and those looking for ambitious growth plans.

What You Will Get from Our PPC Management Services?

A PPC Plan: Our consultants will first understand your type of business, competitors, industry, and unique selling proposition (USP) before customizing a pay-per-click campaign that best suits your business. Thereafter, we will build up a strategy to deliver results that you require.

Targeted Keywords: Our AdWords consultants will ensure that the most relevant and appropriate keywords are targeted without you having to waste your marketing spend. At SBR, we use advanced techniques, considering the full search landscape and avoiding areas which will not yield results for your business.

Proper Implementation: We work as a team to implement the strategy by developing your present campaigns or setting up accounts at new networks, if found.

Optimisation: Our PPC optimisation process will help you improve and focus your campaign to achieve the best in terms of performance. A little lower cost per click on a specific keyword or a higher click-through-rate in any Ad group – makes all the difference to your campaign. Our PPC consultants have extreme attention to detail so that no minute details are left out.

Ad Copy Writing

Our ad copy writers will ensure that your adverts are closely focused to the website’s landing pages and the ad group’s keywords. We ensure that your ad has a powerful CTA (call to action).

Tracking Using the Right Data

Without appropriate data, a PPC campaign optimisation is like beating the air in vain. That’s why we ensure that tracking is done accurately. We use all the data we require to optimise your campaign.


We believe in providing proper reports so that you have a clear understanding as to what’s happening with your campaign. With professional reporting, you will understand:

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