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Reputation Management Services


Look Good When Clients or Customers Google Your Brand’s Name

Reputation Management Services

With everything going digital, businesses today must depend on the 24/7 online medium. Unbecoming content, images, fake reviews and even unfounded information can be posted about your business with the drop of a hat and made viral on the web. And, what’s the consequence? Your brand’s reputation that was once immaculate could be ruined at once! This is where our reputation management services come into play.

Online reputation management services are imperative for your business to maintain its credibility on search engines such as Google. With SBR Technologies Pvt. Ltd’s comprehensive services, your brand’s reputation stays in one piece.

Our all-encompassing services include:

Information Monitoring

We are living in the digital age and have access to news or information through computers, smartphones, tablets, etc. Our reputation management consultants will monitor what’s being said about your business and products online. Once any negative information or content is identified, it will be flagged right away and a plan of action would be initiated.

Reputation Assessment

We will perform a meticulous evaluation of your present online standing. We would collaborate with you to understand your present business problems and find out solutions to improve and maintain your online reputation.

A thorough evaluation would include understanding your brand’s credibility on Google search and the impact of the following on your business:

  • Identifying negative headlines and information
  • Bad reviews on Glassdoor, Yelp, Google Local etc.
  • Negative blog content
  • Misleading information/content
  • Defaced pictures

Once the evaluation process is complete, our consultants will provide you with the possible solutions.

Monitoring Bad Reviews

Being prepared for negative reviews will help you identify issues that you didn’t know existed. We will monitor important review sites such as Yelp, Glassdoor, Google Local etc., and help you manage bad reviews. We will identify any such reviews so that you can take measures accordingly to keep your reputation in place.

Content Marketing

Worried about unflattering content posted online? Not a problem! We at SBR Technologies will use content marketing to eliminate negative content or push poor content way down the search results. We will post unique and meaningful content about your business and products/services. We will ensure that your company’s achievements and accolades find place in the search results instead of negative information.

Additionally, we can also create relevant and engaging web content, blog content, social content, infographics and videos to reinforce your online reputation.

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