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Social Media Marketing


Reinforce Brand Presence & Reach Your Targeted Audience with Our SMM Services

Social Media Marketing

When we talk about social media, the two names that usually crop up are Facebook and Twitter. However, there are numerous other platforms out there, and leveraging the ones where your business can connect with the right audience, is the key to success.

We at SBR Technologies Pvt. Ltd. plan our social media marketing services to help you control your messages across social platforms which you think is best for your brand’s exposure and reinforcement. We plan your social marketing strategy based on your unique business challenges and goals.

How Our Social Media Services Will Help?

We will ensure that your campaign doesn’t fall into one of those epic failure categories. We understand that prospects want to converse with you and not listen to your continuous, one-sided sales pitches. That’s why our social media services are designed to guide you with:

Social Strategy

With us, you get a solid social strategy based upon your business objectives. If you have an existing social media marketing plan, we will help you improve on it or even help you build a robust social presence right from scratch.

Organic Likes and Fan Following

Our team of social media consultants will assist you in getting organic likes and identifying industry influencers to build a strong fan following. This is done by sharing your marketing content in relevant groups. We target only those who are active on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc., and who share your content frequently to enhance your social presence.

Correct Tone of Voice

The key to your social media campaign success is in the way you interact with your audience. When posting content, we use the correct tone of voice, ensuring your brand message is represented the way you want it.

Effective Brand Management

Your brand’s image is important to us and our social media consultants are always there to help you change potential customer concerns into satisfactory solutions.

Meaningful Discussion

We design and create meaningful and reactive posts/updates that trigger further conversation, taking the discussion forward. This way, your brand gets maximum exposure.

Right Monitoring

We will monitor the social sites and ensure that you are aware of who’s talking about your brand, their perceptions about your products/services, and whether these perceptions are positive or not. Our social media experts monitor your social interactions to ensure that you know what’s happening and you are prepared to contribute whenever there is a need.

Cross Channel Marketing

We rely on data and using the information from data and analysis, our consultants ensure that your brand message reaches the right audience and also fits across all the marketing channels you rely on. This gives your business a consistent, coherent and an instantly identifiable voice on the web.

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