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Our innovative enterprise solutions for businesses improve proficiency, productivity and bottom line

Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Solutions

When it comes to our enterprise solutions, it helps you synchronize your IT platforms, enhance operational effectiveness, accelerate workflows, improve customer engagement and embrace innovative technologies. At SBR Technologies Inc. Ltd., our enterprise solutions aim to provide outstanding customer experience with the help of the following:

  • Enterprise mobile apps
  • Enterprise mobile website
  • Enterprise content management
  • Enterprise tablet solutions

Through our enterprise consulting solutions, we help you enhance your knowledge and understanding into data integration, optimise your business processes, and improve decision making abilities.

Enterprise Mobile Apps

Our enterprise mobile app solutions help you build stunning apps and user-friendly mobile sites for your end users. For years, we have been providing end-to-end mobility solutions and our services include creating enthralling designs and graphics for apps and legacy data integration.

Our Main Service Offerings are:

Shopping Apps

Using our innovative shopping apps, broaden your ecommerce initiatives to the mobile platform. With us, get comprehensive mobile shopping solutions with features like:

  • Fast checkout process
  • Integration of QR code
  • User reviews

SBR’s shopping apps go past most ordinary apps that are available in the market, delighting your customers with a safe and seamless mobile shopping experience.

Event Apps

Our app developers have the expertise in developing cross-platform solutions to help you incorporate consequential invent info, updates, and more in a single app!

Enterprise Consulting Solutions

News Apps

Using our news app, you can read world news – political, social, business, weather and entertainment with the tap of your finger. So, keeping yourself updated anywhere, anytime with the latest news of the day is now super easy!

The other apps we develop include education apps, social media, fitness apps, multimedia apps and more.

Enterprise Mobile Website

Having a mobile website is no longer a matter of preference, but mandatory for your business success. Not having an optimised mobile site implies less customer reach, reduced brand impact and poor bottom-line.

Our enterprise mobile website solutions help you develop mobile sites which are appealing, functional and compatible with all platforms and browsers.
The key benefits of our mobile optimised websites are:

Enterprise Content Management

The abundance of content in several forms or formats, including internet, paper, wireless or other digital assets has forced businesses to embrace effective content management solutions.

The challenges businesses are facing due to lack of content management are:

This is where the importance of our enterprise content management services (ECM) comes into play because our ECM solutions address the above challenges head-on. Our content management solutions keep all your content integrated, organised and up-to-date. This helps business users to get fast access to the information they need to:

SBR offers all-encompassing content management services including web content management, document management, digital asset management and enterprise content integration.

Enterprise Tablet Solutions

Enterprise Tablet Solutions

We know that tablets created history, not long ago, but in 2011, when Apple sold more than 55 million iPads. This made the tablet market bigger than the whole desktop market.

So, do you want to reach out to an audience base that’s growing with every passing minute? Not a problem! Make the most out of the fastest growing handled devices in history with our enterprise tablet solutions.

Whether you want to convey your message via dynamic ebooks, digital brochures and magazines or boost your brand recognition with our tab-based apps – SBR is there to help you.

Our tab-oriented services include:

  • User Interface Design & Consulting: Websites and apps for mobile phones may work, but render poor quality visuals or an unintuitive user experience. With our user interface design and consulting services for tablets, users will be delighted with impressive visuals and intuitive user experience.
  • Business Solutions: With our business solutions for tablets, expect to enhance your company’s productivity.
  • Digital Publishing: SBR’s custom digital publishing solutions for tablets help you engage and engross your audience more with digital magazines, brochures and ebooks and that too at a fraction of the cost of printed literature.

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