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Integration Services


Our integration services streamline business processes, cut costs and improve return on investment (ROI)

Integration Services

Businesses requiring integration services often opt for conventional approaches costing them loads of money and also necessitating extensive re-engineering of their current IT systems. This is where our integration services come into play, streamlining business processes, reducing total cost of ownership (TCO) and improving ROI.

At SBR Technologies Inc. Ltd., our integration solutions are designed to assist businesses to achieve integration maturity for integrations between partners, (i.e. consumers, logistics, suppliers), applications and people (i.e. business users and workforce).

With us, you get integration solutions including data integration, enterprise application integration, CRM and Salesforce integration, and payment gateway integration.


When it comes to our data integration services, they span the broad horizon of near real-time data, real-time data as well as unorganized data handling. It’s the combination of business and technical processes used to merge data from dissimilar sources into valuable and significant information.

We provide comprehensive data integration services, helping with cleaning, discovering, monitoring, altering and delivery of information from multiple sources.

How Our Data Integration Services Help Clients?

Our data integration services help you understand, clean, modify, alter and deliver information, and also team up to narrow the gap between IT and business.

With us, you get data delivered in real time to business applications and the information which is the driving force of your business is consistent, reliable and monitored in real time, helping you take strategic initiatives.

3 Unique Benefits of Our Integration Services


Our application integration services offer you the means to modernise, combine, and organise operations in your enterprise. With us, you get application integration solutions which are derived from knowledge, experience and technical expertise. SBR’s consulting team employs the frameworks, best practices, and methodologies to meet all your application integration requirements.

Our application integration solutions will enable your organisation to:


Our CRM integration services help your company manage prospects, customers and sales. At SBR Technologies, our integration team will ensure that your website is integrated with the CRM seamlessly to keep track of your customers, their relationship with your business, what they are doing, and how frequently your customers are contacting you.

With our CRM integration solutions, you can keep track of your marketing and technical support goals as well. Besides, you can also monitor the activities of your prospects and sales opportunities. The benefits of using our CRM integration services for your business are a more streamlined and efficient sales process and enhanced prospect and customer interaction.

Why Our CRM Integration Services?


At SBR, you get Salesforce integration services, making it easier to integrate CRM as well as other applications to run your operations with ease. The benefits of our Salesforce integration services include:

With us, get comprehensive solutions including Salesforce integration, configuration, execution, and custom application development, leveraging the power of up-to-the-minute cloud computing technologies.

Salesforce integration services

Unique Benefits of Our Salesforce Integration Services

  • Our consulting team will plan the application to meet your specific business and security needs, assuring that the benefits of the CRM are entirely realized.
  • Flawless Salesforce integration with other/existing applications. You get your business data synchronized, thus providing you with an accurate and real-time view of your products and customers.
  • Get unique applications developed enabling a smoother and faster integration of your Salesforce CRM with other systems like ERP, website, or existing CRM.
  • Make the most of your investment by connecting to the best CRM and other applications.
  • Meeting the control requirements and governance of your IT team by helping your business to access data quickly.


When you have an online store selling products/services, the initial ideas are pertaining to the type of business, what products are sold, and the most of important question that comes is how you charge for your products/services sold? This means how your online customers pay for your products using their debit or credit cards. Well, you will be requiring a merchant account having the ability to receive online payments via a secure payment gateway.

How Our Payment Gateway Integration Helps?

Over the years, SBR Technologies Inc. Ltd. has helped businesses with our payment gateway integration solutions. We have successfully integrated several websites with almost any type of payment gateway processor used worldwide. Our team has experience working with most of the popular merchant accounts and online payment gateways.

How Our Integration Services Give You Business Value?

Our comprehensive integration services add value to your business value in the following ways:

B2B Integration Services

Our business to business integration services provide you with an entire business integration platform, thus broadening application integration to include your vendors, business partners, customers, banks etc.

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