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B2B integration


B2B Integration Services

You count a great deal on your business connections, partners and supply chain to deliver products/services, and so why should you settle for anything less than our powerful B2B integration services at the most competitive prices. Businesses can put their B2B and supply chain processes in the competent hands of our B2B integration experts from SBR Technologies Pvt. Ltd., having profound knowledge and experience of the industry.

At SBR, we provide B2B integration solutions to clients worldwide and our integration consultants work hard to eliminate existing business challenges and expenditures of DIY B2B integration.

Our business to business integration services provide you with an entire business integration platform, thus broadening application integration to include your vendors, business partners, customers, banks etc.

At SBR, get B2B application integration services that enable your business partners and vendors to:

  • Simplify and organise inter-enterprise procedures/processes that move from back-end systems to your partners’ systems
  • Manage safe implementation of transactions over the web, employing industry benchmark platforms and protocols
  • Manage and control a big and diverse trading partner community with the minimum overhead

When it comes to our business to business integration platform, it provides you effective automation of transactions and validation to improve your B2B environment by replacing or complementing your existing B2B doorway and translator.

Our B2B Integration Offerings

Our B2B integration service offerings for B2B transactions include:

  • Integration software
  • Managed services
  • SaaS applications

Our B2B Integration Helps You to:

  • Radically improve your supply chain operations, visibility, and overall organisational performance
  • Simply the exchange of your documents
  • Streamline the communication process with your trading partners

Why Our B2B Integration Services?

  • Our B2B integration services provide smart automation, enhanced data quality, data accuracy, and increased real-time visibility to help you operate successfully, achieve ROI, respond quickly, and improve partner satisfaction.
  • Efficient and cost-effective electronic exchange of your business data as well as the integration of external business processes with the help of SBR’s integration solutions, aptly fitting into your existing IT environment.
  • Helps you connect with your trading partners easily
  • Through our SaaS applications and managed services, SBR provides integration services that reduces risks, lessens complexity of processes, overall expenditures and time-to-market with ease of use and convenience.
  • Helps you enhance the reliability, reach and effectiveness of your B2B processes
  • Our managed services let customers offload their complicated B2B ecommerce requirements to us. This results in enhanced customer satisfaction, more revenue and less cost of operations.
  • With our application integration services, we help our customers to become active businesses. Flow of information is smooth all through an organisation’s supply chain. By leveraging the power of this information strategically, you can gain an outstanding edge over your competitors.

Get in touch with our consultants to enquire more about our B2B integration solutions to meet your specific business needs.

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