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Mobility Solutions


Mobility to redefine your brand engagement. We make your brand available in ways and places where traditional media can’t.

Mobility Solutions

People are using their PCs, laptops, iPhones or Android devices with screen dimensions from 5 inches to 27 inches. However, more individuals are now using their smart phones, iPads, tablets and other hand-held devices as their primary entry point for connecting to the web. Business websites, blogs, and online stores which are not optimized for the mobile audience will lose out in terms of customers. So, it’s difficult ignoring your mobile website? Isn’t it?

Don’t Lose Your Customers When They Are Looking for Information!

Your potential customers are browsing the web and looking for information. Some are surfing sporadically while traveling in a car, some sitting and looking for a good recipe or any fashion aficionado keen on finding her next pair of trendy jeans on a shopping website.

What If your website looks disordered and cluttered when a prospect is trying to pull it up on his or her smart phone or tablet? 9 times out of 10, you run the risk of losing a customer pretty fast!

How SBR Comes to Your Assistance with Mobile Responsive Web Design Services?

  • Be it mobile website design, mobility solutions, or enterprise mobile apps, they help in improving sales and target customers in ways and places where traditional media can’t.
  • With us, get super responsive and adaptive design to fit any screen size. Customers can view all of the content your site is offering in the right manner. No more zooming, squinting or scrolling sideways!
  • Internet users hate to wait for several minutes for a web page to load on their phones. Our responsive website development consultants help in making your web pages load superfast! You get an edge over your competitors if your site can be quickly accessed by your potential customers when they are looking for information.
  • Less typing, alluring design, minimum scrolling and cross-platform compatibility responsive website development
  • Optimized web pages for all devices
Responsive Web Design Services

Our Mobile App Development Services

SBR Technologies Inc. Ltd. also provides comprehensive mobile application development services, with enhanced accelerators giving your business the optimum mobile advantage.

Our knowledgeable and experienced mobility consultants would collaborate with you to develop your business’s mobile blueprint and put into practice first-rate enterprise mobility solutions across a wide range of mobile devices and platforms.

Our service offerings include:

Our mobility solutions will have a considerable impact on your business on the following areas:

So, with our mobility solutions for enterprises; stay connected to your business on the go or when you are away from your office. You can book appointments with consumers or suppliers, interact with the CRM system, and even submit timesheets from your iPhone or tablet while on the go – away from your workstation!

Get in touch with our consultants if you want to know more about our mobility solutions at the most competitive prices.

Enterprise Mobile Apps Development

Enhance your employees’ productivity by letting them work from anywhere, anytime! How? Well, our mobile app development services help business owners fine-tune their processes with well-planned enterprise mobile apps.

Android App Development

With the widespread use of Android devices and the adoption of android OS by leading smartphone manufacturers, no company can belittle the importance of android app development services.

IOS Apps Development

With several high-end apps ready to be used in the app store, you cannot entrust the responsibility of iOS app development to amateurs.

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