About the company

Lottery System is a portal through which lottery tickets can be ordered online from all over the world. Users need to register on the portal to be able to book varied lotteries and replenish their integrated virtual wallets with funds. With the broadcast of the tickets by the host server, tickets can be booked by the user  as this portal connects with the host server via api.

Business Need

  • An online portal where registered user can book different types lottery.
  • User will have to upload fund to their own wallet within the portal
  • This portal will connect with host server via api, so that user can book the tickets those are broadcasted by host server.


  • Group Play is the most challenging part in this portal; Admin can select multiple tickets as a Group and can able to set the price. If a certain number got selected as winning number from the group then the winning price will be distributed over all members who booked this group. So the calculation behind this total process is the big challenge.
  • There is a threshold amount for winning prize, below that value the amount automatically updates to the wallet and above that admin needs to
  • Auto renewal of membership has been done using Authorization.net
  • User registration is paid
  • There is a concept of bonus amount which can be used only for Group play tickets.

Technology Information

This portal has been developed in Magento 1.9.0.


  • User can register either by choosing a specific membership plan or without any standard plan
  • User can draw a ticket for Group Play or Single Play
  • The portal is synchronized with host server, so that once a ticket has been sold out cannot be selected again from any of other portal.
  • Once a ticket selected as winner, then the winning price will be added to respective user’s wallet
  • Admin can manipulate winning result