Musical is an ecommerce site for music enthusiasts who wish to browse for musical instruments and sound equipments and may end up buying from the site. The site features varied items, from car audio and video, personal audio so on and so forth. Visitors to the site could select the products they want and the selected items would be on the shopping cart, ready for checkout. Using the search option, users could look for products that may not be found otherwise. Items could be compared as well once they are on the shopping cart. Online shoppers could also create their account which would expedite the payment process, save several shipping addresses, view and track orders in relation to an account. Moreover, customers could also have a wish list of products that they may order in future once they are available again.


  • Social media integration with facebook, twitter, instagram

Technological Information

Project Description and process regarding the Magento module

  • Download Excel from SAP containing all the other required fields for products including image name, mandatory SKU number, and product price. SAP excel must have the SKU number so we can import based on that in Magento
  • Admin can upload the excel copy from SAP by including the product details
  • There is a script converting excel file into Magento
  • There is a condition that will be implemented
  • The existing Magento product will not be updated if the SKU number of the existing product in Magento is not present in the uploaded excel file
  • If the SKU number is found then the related details will be updated
  • In relation to images, the name of the image can be found in the excel file and the image folder is uploaded onto the server following the appropriate path in relation to the product images. With the execution of this part of the process, products would be extracted from the appropriate path.
  • Calculation of VAT is done by using the Magento calculation which would enable automatic VAT calculation on the price of a given product and added to product price shown in the front end.
  • Magento does not relate with warehouse. It adapts with SKU number and the related information is updated
  • Administration has to download excel file from SAP and upload to Magento module manually. Once that is done, Magento module becomes active.