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Tag Archives: social media marketing

Digital Marketing Trends to Rule in 2016

Posted on

2016 is knocking at the door, which means dynamic clothing, champagne cheer ups, and a never ending list of unfulfilled…

Business Flying High With Social Media

Posted on

The only thing that is constant is CHANGE, which makes us flexible towards adaptability, for a better survival strategy The…

Will Social Media Be A Game Changer This 2014 General Election

Posted on

It’s absolutely strange the way general elections take place in India. Once in every 5 years we get the chance…

Make Some Noise, Dominate the Social Web World

Posted on

You want your company to be a brand just like Nestle, Procter & Gamble (P&G), ITC or Godrej. Have you…

At SBR You just don’t Work..You Own Your Work!!

Posted on

A revelation straight from the heart… If I could recall, I still hear voices of my fellow colleagues, narrating how…

Social Media Marketing and Brand Management

Posted on

As a critical share of Social Media Marketing, brand management has an obligatory role to play. Experts opine, this is…

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