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Internet of Things(IoT) concept.

Software Product Engineering

Software Product engineering enables one to innovate, test & deploy a software product. The entire lifecycle of a product is taken complete care of through product engineering.
businesswoman using digital devices. IoT(Internet of Things). ICT(Information Communication Technology). mixed media.

Core platform engineering

promote partner ecosystems to maximize platform adoption and achieve the revenue uplift from platform use.
Colleagues working on agile product development board with scrum or kanban framework, lean methodology, iterative or incremental organization project management strategy for startup or software design

Platform Enablement

Managing and orchestrating the entire development lifecycle for the base product from the embryonic stage till deployment and support.
Software developer, freelancer working at home

Device Engineering

A paradigm shift from product to platform mentality by architecting and developing an API and ecosystem strategy for a scalable and user friendly future enabled platforms.