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Fly N Buy



Fly N Buy is sort of social networking “App” to order food and beverages and share it with your friends, so that they can also become a part of the fest.

There is an independent concept according to present flow that the user (Initiator) is logging in creating own order and sending request to his friends through an invitation to place / create an order of the same restaurant. He is getting a confirmation of the payment status from all the invitees and after getting the order status he (Initiator) is placing an order to the restaurant.

Technological Information:

“Fly N Buy” App has been developed in iOS mobile application development platform.

The Challenges faced and solutions:

Developing the application and incorporating all the client-requested features was a tough challenge. Our developers had to ensure the app had an easy-to-use interface which could be happily used by all the persons, invitee while creating an order to the selected restaurant using this App. The main challenging part of this App is ‘Push notification service’ to send notification to all invitee to create an order. Then our mobile app developers put in their best foot forward and worked hard to deliver a promising iOS mobile app:

Fly N Buy

Fly N Buy 2

Fly N Buy3

Fly N Buy4

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